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Tamilshome’s knowledge sharing event 2019 Denmark

Tamilshome’s knowledge sharing event took place on Sunday, October 27, 2019 in Herning.

Why knowledge sharing event:

The purpose of the event is to share knowledge and exchange thoughts (opinions, etc.) on a few topics within the Tamil community. We had expected that approx. 50 show up for the event and it ended up being 55 guests (including Tamilshome members). One of the aims of the event was also that the event is also intended as a form of fundraising, in which we hoped for a profit that could thus be passed on to Tamilshome’s research and social work in the home country. Fortunately, there was a profit of SEK 952 (see attached budget overview). Here are some of the feedback that the participants shared with us:

It could be good if you could also make the event in different cities.
Finally, there is a place where you can come and share your opinions.