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Our Purpose & Vision

Tamilshomes vision is to do research about Tamil people and their social problems around the world. Besides doing research, Tamilshome also engages in doing social work. collaborating with other social organizations – is one of our most important attributes to achieve our visions (goals).

Our Collaboration Partners


Shanthiham is a non-profit local Non-Governmental Organization collaborate with the communities to improve their well-being, working at Northern and Eastern regions of Sri Lanka since 1988.

Paralyses Home

Paralyses Home



Tamilshomes first research project is about marginalized children´s from Karaveddy

Children´s day Tamilshome

Social Work

Tamilshomes children´s day 2018 took place at Tamilshome office in Karanavai

bottle collection Tamilshome


Tamilshomes first fundraising activity took place in Herning Denmark

Socio psychological challenges faced by marginalized children

Socio psychological challenges faced by marginalized children is a research project based on J/363 Karaveddy West (Jaffna), which was conducted by Tamilshome. In this research,…

Tamil Research | Childhood sexual abuse in the Tamil Society

Childhood sexual abuse in the Tamil society is a subject that needs to be researched in depth, in order to figure out the causes for…

Tamil Identity Research Switzerland | Tamil Identity

Tamil Identity Research Switzerland Our research is based on a survey and our target audience for this poll are Tamils from the age of 15…

Act of History

They can move to areas of greater food availability as the desert blooms after local rainfall and can fly to faraway waterholes.